Current Work

  • "Authoritarian Courts and Urban Bias: Formal Dispute Resolution Organs in the PRC"- a project looking at variation in formal dispute resolution capacity in the PRC, presented as a lightning talk at Midwest Political Science Association (2017). 

Also, I've begun sharing my latest projects on GitHub: come on over to see what I'm currently hacking together!

Projects I'm working on: 

  • 'Self Rule' and the Law of Chinese Ethnic Minorities - A project looking at the history of technical legal autonomy and lawmaking in minority group regions. 
  • The Ties that Bind: Law, Religion, and xiejiao (邪教)in the Contemporary PRC - A project reconsidering the role of the state in regulation of Chinese religion from a historical perspective. 
  • Q & A: Policymaking and Judicial Dialogue -  A topic modeling project to understand judicial policymaking in the PRC. 
  • Repression and Rebellion in Historical China - A mixed methods (GIS / archival) project on rebellions, banditry, and military campaigns in Ming and Qing China.